April 8, 2020

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Two Trending Digital Technologies that Merit Most User’s Attention

Accenture, a leading Global consulting firm has released a report that showed top tech trends for 2016, which they believed will highlight changes in the world of digital business. The report also confirmed the big impact of digital economy with 22% share in world economy, and that businesses are pressured to take advantage of these emerging technologies and there’s definitely a need for businesses to have the ability of understanding of changing customer behaviors and needs so as to fully grasp the benefits and in developing new business strategies.

Trends are identified in the report and we have identified two that we think merit most attention.

  1. Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation is simply put as looking at stuff when there’s no human watching. The technology uses automation agents that are in reality a software code that performs a specific task and answering defined goals and serving internal systems functioning as validating, monitoring, and altering applications or processes. The technology allows businesses to verify business scenario by having intelligent software robots work across all business applications. This digital labor is now the newest low-cost alternative to manual labor, replacing physical workers for most manual validation and monitoring while giving a high degree of sophistication and results. Businesses are said to benefit with the intelligent decision-making of these intelligent robots as errors are checked along the way and executing automated business process validation that right business outcome occurs. With this intelligent automation, a business can simply take an army of digital robots in commanding business processes and applications in 24/7 basis. The amazing business benefit is that an enterprise that is fully automated will save labor hours and enjoys 50% faster execution and fewer defects in production.

  1. Digital trust

Trust is vital in customer’s security, and the business would certainly grab right technology involved in sharing and using customers’ date. Any mistake in security system will put the business at risk of losing customers and when this happens, it loses market share and value as well. New and emerging digital trust and security systems are going beyond establishing perimeters of security and developed more ethical and secure-designed trust system in voiding digital risks. Digital users agreed to have business perform actions such as paying bills and delivering products and are always concerned how business use their data.  With the new digital trust technologies, businesses are encouraging consumers’ willingness in sharing data as the security platform is helping customers understand and control the data shared. The trusting relationship is defined and built between users and the business. As digital users, these technologies surely invite from us more trusting relationships with our favorite sites/brands.

Digital technologies are what shaping digital economy and any emerging one will surely make an impact, and as we’re among digital beneficiaries, it’s but proper to take note of what’s going and happening. And for a simple reason, we’re an important component of the digital economy.

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