April 8, 2020

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Thanks For the Memories: Photos to Remember Your Wedding

A good wedding album will help you remember your big day with fondness. Skilled wedding photography in Sydney can help a lot in ensuring that your big day’s photos are the best they can be. A picture can say a thousand words and will undoubtedly ensure you treasure memories of your big day.

Fortunately, there are lots of choices for wedding photography in Sydney. The city has many photography services available, with varying level of experience and packages. You will want to ask around a bit and look at what they offer. However, picking the right wedding photographer is just one aspect of ensuring a great set of wedding photos.

marriage-1873204_640The best way to ensure a memorable wedding photo album is to plan out the exact shots to be taken. Coordinating wedding photography in Sydney can ensure that your wedding photographer has access to some nice dramatic shots. You’ll want to talk about this with your significant other though. They may want specific memories or people to remember. If you are worried about making it difficult for your photographer, be aware that wedding photographers can be very accommodating. They know this is your special day so they will understand special requests. Here is a simple breakdown and a few tips on what photos your wedding photographer should take on your big day.

Getting ready

Photos of the preparation are a great way to start your wedding photo album. Start off with a wedding morning photo before everyone starts dressing up. This can be a simple breakfast shot or maybe you want it to be something special or goofy like you jumping on your bed in excitement.

Besides the starting photo, you should alternate between the bride and groom parties, seeing how both parties get prepared. Candid make-up shots are a good idea. The best wedding photos are often those that you don’t expect. Unguarded moments can evoke emotions a lot better than posed photo ops. You should also have photos of the event venue before everyone arrives. Additional photos can also be about specific accessories like the guest bags and your outfits.

The Big Event

The best of your wedding photos should be about the wedding itself. Whether it is a church ceremony or a garden wedding, this should be where the bulk of your photos should be taken. Starting with the bride and groom’s entrance, you’ll want pictures of a variety of highlights like the walk down the aisle and the vows. The two important moments that need to be memorialized are the “I Do” moment and the first kiss.

Riding off into the sunset

After the ceremony, there are still photos that need to be taken. The reception will have several highlights like the first dance and the toasts. Photos of the final farewell, as your limousine drives off to your honeymoon are a good way to end your wedding album.

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