March 30, 2020

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Some Digital Marketing Trends to be on the Lookout for in 2016

Online marketing evolves rather quickly. Each year brings with it new software, new hardware as well as new user references. To come up with successful marketing strategies, online marketers need to keep up with the latest trends. Marketers who utilize the next big thing have an advantage over competitors when it comes to reaching new markets. On the other hand, the online marketers who fail to adopt new strategies will miss out on the benefits of such opportunities. Below are some digital marketing trends to be on the lookout for in 2016.

onlinemarketingaustraliaThere will definitely be more video advertisements in 2016. Video ads may not be new, but they are likely to be more dominant in 2016. Bing and Facebook have began offering advertisers video options. What’s more, video content is now included by Google in its search engine’s algorithm. It is a major step in the right direction for online video adverts since it shows that online marketers are figuring out their effectiveness, and users are accepting their existence.

2016 is likely to see an outbreak of apps. When Google altered its algorithm in April 2015 in order to reward mobile-friendly sites, it started using data from indexed apps as a factor in its search rankings. Since that time, app indexing has taken off. This indexing includes app content in search results for Google mobile. Online marketers are gradually catching on, especially because apps can be more convenient while also being more responsive to users.

The use of mobile devices will continue its dominance over the use of desktop computers. In 2015, mobile usage increased thanks in part by the decision by Google to include a website’s mobile friendliness within its search rankings. As much as desktop traffic is unlikely to disappear completely, there is some obvious anticipation that mobile device traffic will dominate.

Previously, most strategies for online marketing have relied on pay-per-click and search engine optimization advertising. Nowadays, digital assistants like Cortana and Siri can be optimized in a way that they answer questions by consumers. In 2016, more online marketers will be looking to make sure that their business information can easily be found through virtual assistance as opposed to simply listing the details on the internet.

2016 will definitely see the emergency of virtual reality. Several virtual reality devices are set to be launched within the next two years. While some of these numbers are designed for specified applications like video games, others are built for more general application. A good example is the Oculus Rift, an eagerly awaited virtual reality head-mounted display headset set to be launched within 2016’s first quarter. Its popularity as well as that of other virtual reality devices will lead to a totally new kind of internet advertising that connects video channels, popular social media platforms and direct messages.

The above may not be the only digital marketing trends that will be observed in 2016. However, they are the trends that are likely to have the biggest impact. Online marketers should think of how they can incorporate these trends into their marketing now, rather than halfway through the year or towards its end.

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