April 9, 2020

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21st Century Inventions in Digital Technology Which Changed Everyone’s Livesinterests

There are probably millions of new inventions patented since the beginning of the 21st century. We’ll hear about this new device being tested yesterday. Experts are expecting that this gadget will get sold out as soon as it will be released in the market in an hour. Practically, everyone is going gaga over that new app right now, at this very second.

While each of those inventions has its own charm and fun value, only a few really stood out. And those few, without you really realizing it, has changed the way you live your life. Here are five of those:

The Google Chrome Browser

Internet Explorer started it all, really. Firefox overtook it since it was faster than its predecessor. It was also free and open-source. After that came Google Chrome that is now the number one search engine in the world. Today, millions of people around the globe go online and use this to look for practically everything they need. And in just a few seconds, they’ll get it.


Mark Zuckerberg and four of his colleagues started this as a university portal in Harvard. Then they decided to make it public. This is not the first social media site of its kind on the internet. In fact, the founders got the idea from MySpace and Bebo. But it was so simple and so easy to use that, as of March of this year, Facebook has 1.4 billion daily users.


Before this came along, people had to spend so much to communicate with friends and family – especially if they are abroad. Now, you could do this for free through Skype. Their video chat application is also a complete genius. Except for sci-fi writers, who would have thought this possible a decade ago?

The iPod

As in the case of Facebook, the iPod was not the first portable music player (hello, Sony Walkman). But, with a large storage capacity, people can listen to thousands of songs and even watch movies (following variants). This also was the beginning of Apple’s dominance in the market with iPhones and iPads getting sold out.

Nintendo Wii

Last but not the least; we’ve got the console that changed the way people played. One of the biggest complaints about computer games was that kids don’t get to have physical activity. But Nintendo found a way to address that. Soon, its rivals Sony and Microsoft (Xbox) followed suit and came up with even better designs. But we have to give it to Nintendo for thinking of it first.

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