April 8, 2020

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The History of Digital Technology

There was a time when man created fire. And he was thrilled about it because it helped him keep warm at night and cook food. Millennia had passed and we have seen so many improvements in the quality of life of humans brought about by knowledge.digital-technology

Now, people go online to find fleece blankets that will keep them warm at night and make reservations at an expensive restaurant so they can eat food cooked by some world-renowned chefs.

And that’s, thanks to Digital Technology.

This is defined as the creation and the practical use of digital or computerized devices. Almost everything we are using today is digitized or has undergone some kind of digital processes. That includes our laptops, mobile phones and even those fluffy knit jackets that came from a large factory using digitized machines.

We won’t bore you with definitions anymore. However, we’ll give you some idea on how this came to be (because it is so interesting, we assure you!)

It was in the late 19th century when the predecessor of this type of technology first came about. This included the analytical engine and the telegraph invented by Charles Babbage. But the creation of the transistor in the mid-1940s led the way to more advanced computers.

By the 50s, governments around the world were using computers. On 1969, the precursor of the internet, wherein several computer networks were linked together, was introduced to the public.

Soon, people owned their own computers. Everything else so prolific today – gaming consoles, ATM machines, industrial robots, and electronic music – followed in the 1980s.

1991 was the year when the World Wide Web became accessible to the public. And in 1996, the internet expanded further. It was during this time too when mobile phones were becoming more of a need than just a want.

Today, dubbed by many as the age of information technology, a lot of people could not imagine life without the computer, the internet and the mobile phone.

Very few would consider the history of Digital Technology as interesting. But it is something worth knowing about.

It makes one realize how people as a species have come a long way. It makes people grateful for the revolution in the past that brought about the change. And it makes people think of the possibilities that lay before them about furthering these developments for the betterment of the future. Innovation has truly made life more convenient. Hence, it is undeniable that it is already difficult to live life without the utilizing digital technology. Although, life became quite complicated, coping with modernization is still everyone’s concern. Overall, it is great learning something new. Since most of us benefit from technology, it is our duty then to use it with responsibility.

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