March 30, 2020

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Should You Get A Custom Website Or A Ready-Made Theme?

In today’s era, having a website if you have a business is not optional – it’s a must! For those who want to have some savings on the side, they often go for ready-made website themes that they can easily buy from an online marketplace. However, if you consult with a creative agency, they will most probably advise against using such themes. Instead, they will talk into having a custom made website, which you can easily order from them. To give you an idea, which to go for, we’ll be discussing more on this topic in the rest of the article.

How the two are different

As indicated earlier, a ready-made theme is cheaper than a custom-made theme. However, setting up is another issue. If you are not into technical stuff, you will still need the services of an expert, which could add up on costs. Furthermore, the themes available in the marketplace may already have been used by a lot of other business owners. Some themes are not highly customizable even. If you needed some big changes, you will need to consult with a web designer who can tweak this for you. Think it’s still less expensive?

In comparison, a custom theme, which you can get from a creative agency, can be made in such a way that it depicts your brand. These businesses can even offer to make some changes in your website if you are not satisfied with the initial output. When you build your website on your own with a custom theme, all of the work afterwards such as updating the website is left to you. Aside from website theme design, creative agencies can provide technical assistance as part of the after sales.

With a ready-made theme, you will get a website that offers visual appeal. But, with a custom theme, you could be getting more. When creating a custom theme, creative agencies in Sydney will always consider your potential customers – about their experience navigating your website, the ways that will allow you to convert sales, and the like. They are not just focused on making the website looks good but consider your needs as well as the needs of your website visitors.

Where to get a custom website

After reading the information above, you might be interested on where you can possibly get a custom website. A creative agency can do this for you. It will cost you more than that of a ready-made theme, but if you want a website that speaks of your brand while taking into consideration being user-friendly for your visitors, the extra expense is nothing compared to the benefits.

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