April 9, 2020

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All about a Valid Will

Family matters matter. That is why wills and estates lawyers are quite very important, especially in producing this formal document that makes a person’s wishes legally binding. They do not need to take it to their grave with no assurance they will be followed, you know.Will document

A will, for the most part, is a formal document that sets out a ruling on how a person will dispose of his properties after his/her death. How wills and estates lawyers help? They help make a will valid and executable. You see, a will is not at all valid unless it was properly made.

Making a Valid Will

There are certain provisions that ensure a will is valid. People may make various wills in this lifetime, with the help of professional wills and estates lawyers. But what is considered binding is the last one that was made prior to one’s death. Here are more insights on what constitutes a valid will:

  • It must be made in writing by a person of legal age. It must also be proved that the person making the will is acting on his free will and is with a sound mind and body. He/she must also be with proper understanding of what is actually happening.
  • The will must be signed by the testator, or the person making the will, in the presence of at least two witnesses. The witnesses must also sign the will while the testator is present.
  • The testator must be fully aware of his properties and the people he/she wants to benefit from it. He/she must also be capable of dividing the properties as he/she wish.
  • A testator must be properly guided by family provision lawyers who know exactly how such legal documents are executed.

With so many issues concerning a will and the impact it might have to one’s life and that of his/her beneficiaries, it is very important that it was made the right way. Being clear of the supposed beneficiaries and how much they deserve of one’s wealth is the best first step towards creating a will. Afterwards, see the help of wills and estates barrister to give you some direction, as to where do your intent of leaving and giving your property away should bring you.

A Will can be as simple as enumerating what you have and to whom will you leave it with in case of your death. It can also be complicated with various provisions depending on how your life goes before the will itself becomes executable. Regardless if it’s simple or complicated, you always need wills and estates lawyers for assistance.

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