April 9, 2020

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A Business doesn’t Need to Do it All to Achieve Business Goals

pick_pack3A business eyeing expansion must deal with additional warehouses and storage, additional manpower to handle logistics and management of its supply chain however it doesn’t need to do it all and take these additional burdens off by outsourcing a 3pl or third-party logistics provider to take care of its pick pack services for its complete or parts of supply chains. And there are still other reasons why outsourcing warehouses and storage, kitting, bulk mail-outs, order processing, packaging and shipping of goods help business deals better with its expansion goals.

Allows business offer low shipping cost

Free or low shipping fee is now a popular marketing tool but if a business is doing its pick pack or it does the processing of orders including repackaging, creating invoice, picking products and labeling for shipping, it is mandatory for them to hire people to do the task. Doing so will have it pass the cost on customers. A third-party logistics provider with pick pack services lowers shipping cost since rates are based on how far or shipping travel distance. Lower shipping cost is possible because most fulfillment services have warehouses spread all over the country thus it is easier and with shorter shipping travel to send packages.

Expansion is dealt better

A business needs additional infrastructures and people if it wants to expand to new markets. With a 3pl solution company with warehousing, storage and fulfillment services, it’s easier for a merchant to place its inventory to a new market and start selling without having to hire employees or infrastructures. Business doesn’t need to worry on its supply chain management and logistics and even do business on remote.

No more idle employees and equipments

Business has its peak and lean seasons. During peak seasons, it needs to fulfill orders completely and with shortest time possible, and needs to hire additional people or buy equipments. Oftentimes, equipments become idle during the lean season and additional employees have to go. With a 3pl pick pack services, a business can enjoy seasonal flexibility, which means it can fulfill orders during lean and peak seasons without equipments and employees being idle or having to go.

Outsourcing is said to give business more time to focus on doing what it needs to do for growth and it’s what a 3pl solutions provider is doing especially when it is a one-stop 3pl solutions; ensuring a business doesn’t need to do it to achieve its business goal.

When it comes to third party logistics, warehousing and storage solutions, there is one-stop-shop that provides these services. Go to http://pickpackers.com.au/.

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